Falcons Destroy Bucs, Devin Hester Passes Deion Sanders, St. Andrews Allows Women


Jerry Rice & Deion SandersAn exciting Thursday night for the Atlanta Falcons. Not only did they destroy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but their star wide receiver Devin Hester passed Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, for the most return touchdowns in NFL history. Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan was on fire with 286 yards and 3 touchdowns. It was a blowout from the beginning. The Falcons were up 56-0 heading into the 4th quarter. Tampa Bay managed to eek out 2 touchdowns towards the end of the game to avoid an embarrassing loss. Falcons 56, Bucs 14.


Condoleezza RiceWhile the world was watching the vote in Scotland for Independence (which was voted down), the Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews voted to allow women members. The 260 year old club with 2500 members voted overwhelmingly in favor of women membership.  Augusta National made headlines two years ago when it opened its doors to the first two female members, former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and financier, Darla Moore.

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