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Claiborne A Bust For Dallas, Lottery Ticket Winner, Winston Heisman Chances Down


Two seasons ago, the Dallas Cowboys traded up to get the coveted cornerback Morris Claiborne from LSU.  He was supposed to be their shut down corner.  That hasn’t exactly worked out, as the Cowboys informed him that he would be replaced in the starting line-up.  Upon hearing this, Claiborne didn’t take the news lightly.  Instead, he stormed out of the team’s facility during practice.  Not exactly the professionalism they were hoping for.  It looks like Claiborne is going to be a bust.

Elsewhere in the NFL, thanks to the Chicago Bears, one lucky bettor in Arizona won $57,935 off a $5 bet.  This guy picked 15 straight-up NFL winners on a parlay ticket.  This means that you have to win every game.  If just one pick is incorrect, the whole ticket is dead.  It’s pretty much like buying a lottery ticket.  Since the Bears took the win on Monday night, he won the big prize.  He even hedged his bet, placing a sizable wager on the Jets to win.  That way at least he would win a big cash prize.  So the moral of the story:  If you’re ever in Nevada on a Sunday, throw a few bucks on a parlay ticket.  You could win big!

Jameis WinstonAnd in some other gambling news, with his outburts and bad behavior lately, college football experts are down on Florida State’s Jameis Winston winning the Heisman Trophy again this year.  He was 10 to 1 to repeat as the winner, but now he’s down to 20 to 1.  Heisman voters definitely care about performance and stats, but they also care about character.  It is hard to imagine them handing him the trophy again this year.  Then again, the ‘Noles are still undefeated, and he is still an excellent player. 

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