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Tony Stewart Not Guilty, Rain Delay Cost Hughes $500K, Cousins Classy Talk


Tony StewartTwo months ago, star NASCAR driver Tony Stewart accidentally struck and killed another driver on the course.  Stewart faced some serious legal charges.  And on Wednesday, the verdict came down.  It turns out that despite killing the driver, the judge ruled that Stewart won’t face charges.  The driver, who crashed his car, than inexplicably ran out onto the course, was accidentally struck.  It’s still a complicated issue, but the judge ruled in favor of Stewart.


A rain delay cost a Minnesota Twins pitcher a lot of money.  Phil Hughes has a stipulation in his contract that if he pitches 210 innings in the season, he receives a $500,000 bonus.  He had pitched 209 and 2/3 innings, but then an hour rain delay postponed the game.  And when they came back, Hughes had been benched in favor of a reliever.  It’s hard to know if that was intentional to save the Twins money, or if the coach just thought Hughes needed relief.  Either way, it must be quite frustrating for Hughes.  Minnesota 2, Arizona 1.


Kirk CousinsFinally, in the NFL, the Redskins take on the New York Giants in Thursday night football.  The Redskins starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III, is battling an injury, and the Redskins had success with Kirk Cousins last week.  They looked like a different team. But, even with Cousins’ accomplishments, and the growing sentiment that Cousins may be the better choice for the Redskins going forward, Cousins still publicly says that this is Robert Griffin’s team.  That’s a classy move.
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