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Bucs Launch Comeback, Olivia Munn Not Reason For Rodgers Past Play, Dallas No Fluke


Wrap up of some good Sunday NFL games: After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got absolutely smeared last week against Atlanta, everyone had chalked them up as the worst team in the league.  So of course everyone wrote them off going to play IN Pittsburgh against a rejuvenated Steelers team.  And for most of the game, this looked correct. Late in the 4th quarter, the Bucs launched a comeback that, while impressive, looked like it was going to be too little too late.  But a bad punt gave the Bucs the ball back in Steelers territory with just under 30 seconds to go.  They had a shot, and a beautiful touchdown pass by Mike Glennon gave the Buccaneers the win!  An amazing comeback, and a shot of positivity that the Bucs sorely needed this year.  Tampa Bay 27, Pittsburgh 24.

Olivia MunnAnd in Chicago, Bears fans are super excited about their hot start this year.  It looked like the Bears finally got their act together.  And they were hosting their bitter rival:  The Green Bay Packers.  The Packers are off to a very slow start that has Packers fans panicking.  They even went so far as to blame Aaron Rodgers lackluster play on his relationship with new celebrity girlfriend Olivia Munn.  But this week, Rodgers told Packers fans to R-E-L-A-X.  And, he walked the walk, as he and the Packers looked fantastic against the Bears.  The Pack are now 2-2, and fans can likely sleep at night.  Green Bay 38, Chicago 17.

Finally, in the night game in Cowboy Stadium, Dallas was looking to prove that their 2-1 start was no fluke, while the Saints were looking to prove that their porous 1-2 start IS  a fluke, and that they are an offense to be reckoned with.  The Cowboys have the hottest running game in the league, and that has seriously opened up their passing game.  They crushed the Saints in every way, and look like they will be a serious contender this year.  The Saints, on the other hand, need to go back to the drawing board and quickly figure out what’s wrong.  Dallas 38, New Orleans 17.

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