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Seahawks Great Start At Home, 49ers Most Expensive Tickets In Town, UCONN Congratulates Mo’Ne And Upsets NCAA


Aaron RodgersIn the NFL, it was the day everyone has been waiting for — opening day.  This has become a tradition in the NFL in which the defending Super Bowl champions play in their home stadium against a formidable opponent on Thursday night.  This year, we got to see the Seattle Seahawks take on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  Many people expected a close contest, but they forgot just how dominant the Seahawks defense can be.  Seattle pretty much locked down Aaron Rodgers, allowing him to only throw for 1 touchdown.  The Seahawks look very tough to beat, especially at home.  Their quest to repeat got off to a great start Thursday night.  Seattle 36, Green Bay 16.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it’s being reported that the San Francisco 49ers have the highest ticket prices in the NFL for a family of 4 to attend a game.  Their new stadium boosted ticket prices, and it’s reported that it costs an average of $641 for a typical two-child family to enjoy a game at the stadium. When you factor in ticket prices, parking, food, and drinks — it comes out to the highest price league wide.  The 49ers need to put a good product on the field, however, as their pre-season has not been good.  The Browns and Vikings are reported as the cheapest tickets in the league.  

Finally, in some women’s college basketball news, UCONN head coach Geno Aueriemma is in a bit of hot water.  In the Little League World Series 2 weeks ago, Mo’Ne Davis was all the rage.  A female pitcher who was striking out boys left and right.  But she said that baseball isn’t even her favorite sport — that she wanted to play basketball for the UConn Huskies.  Well, Geno reached out to Mo’Ne to congratulate her.  She is only in 8th grade, and is not considered a recruit, but apparently, this is still breaking the rules.  This will probably blow over quickly, but it shows just how strict the NCAA is about recruiting protocol. 

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