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Dwyer Arrested For Domestic Abuse, Women Speaking Out, Sean Payton Buying Still Jerseys To Support Cancer Research


The bad news for the NFL just keeps piling up. On Wednesday, just hours after the NFL made the exempt announcement regarding Peterson, Arizona Cardinals’ running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on aggravated assault charges related to two incidents in July. Hardy, a 6 foot 4, 275 lbs was convicted for throwing a female companion in her bathtub threatening to kill her. There was also an incident with her 18 month old son. Hardy will be appealing.

Covergirl adWomen are starting to speak out about this cycle of domestic abuse and are not too happy. The New York Times came out with a piece Thursday morning expressing their disillusionment with the NFL. This image on twitter became went viral after someone altered the covergirl ad to show a black eye on the model for the Ravens.

Thankfully, there’s still some good guys in the NFL. The Cincinnati Bengals decided to sell the jersey of Devon Still, a former practice squad player and now current player on the team, to raise money for pediatric cancer research and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Still’s daughter is suffering from stage 4 cancer. When New Orleans’ coach, Sean Payton, heard about the jersey sales, he immediately purchased 100 (at $100 a piece) to bring the total one day sales of the jersey to impressive numbers.

Still commented, “Surprised and grateful are the words I would use. I didn’t expect so many people to support this. I think it’s huge for pediatric cancer that everybody is bringing awareness to this. It just shows how much the world of sports has an impact on what’s going on in this world.”


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