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Bennett And The Bears Beat Jets, Eagles Sick Of Kelly’s Practices, Base Hit After Farm System


Geno SmithIn the NFL, it was Monday Night Football between the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets.  The Jets are off to a rocky start, and the actual, recognized nickname of their quarterback Geno Smith is “The Turnover Machine”.  That’s not a good thing.  The Bears, however, look rather solid this season, and an overlooked hero on their team is tight end Martellus Bennett.  Bennett said he felt “disrespected” by Jets coach Rex Ryan when Ryan talked about how awesome the Bears receivers were, but just mentioned Bennett as “some big dude”.  Well Bennett put on a show last night, hauling in two touchdown passes in a Bears victory.  Chicago 27, NY Jets 19.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 under second year coach Chip Kelly, but that doesn’t mean his players like playing for him.  Kelly is known for being highly disciplined with his players, and now they are starting to speak out.  Cornerback Cary Williams told the media that he was sick of all the intense conditioning practices.  Williams said he tries to conserve as much energy as possible before the games on Sundays, but Kelly’s practices are like “dog fights”.  He went on to discuss how the organization needs to start taking care of its players more.  This has been a controversy in the league the last few years, and it will be intriguing to see how the NFL deals with this situation.


Finally, in baseball, a feel good story.  Stars can be created in the major league farm system,  but nobody talks about the players that spend years there just hoping to get called up for an at bat.  After 13 years in the minors, the Texas Rangers called up Guilder Rodriguez to get a major league at bat.  Rodriguez had his parents in attendance, and the whole crowd cheered him on.  On his first at bat, Rodriguez knocked a shot right over the 3rd baseman’s head for a base hit.  What a great feeling for him to finally realize his dream of hitting a major league base hit.  Texas 4, Houston 3.

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