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Brown’s Josh Gordon Suspended For Marijuana, USC’s Josh Shaw Lied, Clippers’ Doc Rivers To Make $10Mill/Year


Josh GordonIn the NFL, the major story of the day was some very bad news for Cleveland Browns’ fans.  After a legal appeal that lasted all summer, Josh Gordon’s season long suspension for substance abuse was upheld.  Gordon was a repeat offender for marijuana usage, and even received a DWI during his his trial proceedings.  You can redirect to Missouri Green Team to understand the medical implications of his offence. He put in for an appeal, but the NFL didn’t agree, and they have suspended Gordon for a full year.  This is a huge blow for the Browns, who suddenly found themselves with one of the top 3 receivers in the league.  This even means that Gordon will miss training camp next season.  

In some college football news, USC’s star cornerback Josh Shaw sustained some curious off-the-field ankle injuries recently.  Shaw’ story, told publicly and picked up by all major sports media outlets, said that he jumped from a two story house to rescue his drowning nephew.  He was hailed as a hero for about 24 hours, until Shaw admitted yesterday that the story was a complete fabrication.   We still don’t know how he suffered the ankle injury, but there were too many questions as to the authenticity of the story for it to hold up. Shaw should be ashamed of making up this kind of story. It really shows his low character. 


In the NBA, now that the Los Angeles Clippers are under new ownership, the new brass, Steve Ballmer wants to lock up his coach for the future, and he believes that it’s Doc Rivers.  The Clippers have made Doc Rivers their coach until 2019 for a contract worth $10 million per year.  Doc is a winning coach, and the Clippers have the right young talent to build a multi-year dynasty.  They are now the desired organization to play for in Los Angeles (at least until the Lakers get their act together).

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