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Eagles On Fire, Bills Excessive Fighting, Tim Howard Taking Year Off


Nick FolesIn the NFL, it was a regional pre-season game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  And, boy, did the Eagles look HOT!  They are clearly firing on all cylinders under Chip Kelly’s offense.  They have a solid amount of offensive weapons to beat you on all fronts when they have the ball.  Their QB Nick Foles looked sharp, and they sent a message to the league that they will be very tough to stop this year.  Watch out for the Eagles offense.  Philadelphia 31, Pittsburgh 21. 

Conversely, the Buffalo Bills are experiencing just the opposite.  Reports coming from camp is that there is too much fighting, so much so that they had to shut down the camp because of fighting and shoving after the whistle.  Football is all about chemistry, and f you’re not getting along with your teammates, how are you going to go out there and compete? This doesn’t mean the Bills will have a bad season, but it’s certainly not a good sign if you’re a Buffalo fan. 


Finally, in soccer, after a rigorous World Cup, the 35-year old goalie Tim Howard said he will take a year off from the Men’s National Team.  This does not mean he is retiring, as he will still compete in international play, but he won’t be partaking in all the workouts of the National Team.  There are still events that the US will compete in, but they will be without Howard for that time.  Howard still wants another crack at the World Cup , though, and has his sites set on 2018.

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