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Chip Comes Out At Arizona State, Vince Young Back At UT, Manziel Tardiness


The major story of the day was out of the college football world — specifically out of Arizona State, where offensive lineman Chip Sarafin has come out as the first active Division 1 gay college football player.  Sarafin said he was inspired by other athletes and most recently St. Louis Rams’ linebacker Michael Sam bravely coming out as openly gay.  Sarafin is expected to help the Sun Devils climb the ranks in the Pac-12.  

Vince YoungThe University of Texas has a new employee:  former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Vince Young.  Young also won a BCS National Championship for Texas against USC in very memorable fashion, running in the game winning touchdown.  Young may have not worked out in the NFL, but he is a legend in Austin, TX.  Now the university will employ Young to help raise money to send low-income students to college.  This seems like a perfect fit.

Johnny ManzielElsewhere in the NFL, all eyes are still on Johnny Manziel in Cleveland.  The Browns brass decided that Brian Hoyer would be the QB starter in the next exhibition game.  And this is partially because Johnny Football has been showing up late to practice.  Is this a sign that his wild and irresponsible ways are getting the best of him?  Can the Browns count on him?  Either way, the Browns said they would handle the matter of Manziel’s tardiness internally.

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