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Manziel Poor Performance And Flips Finger, Ohio State’s Miller Injured


Johnny ManzielIn the NFL, all eyes were on the Cleveland Browns. Fans were curious to see how Johnny Manziel, “Johnny Football” would fair. He was decent in Game 1, but on Monday night, he was vying for the starting job against Brian Hoyer.   Unfortunately for Browns fans, Manziel did not play well.  In fact, neither did Hoyer.  The whole team looks pretty bad.  Manziel needs to play better if he expects to see the field this season.  Hoyer, on the other hand, had a great season last year until he got hurt.  But his confidence is clearly shot with all the media news around Johnny Football.  This may not be the best season for the Browns.  Washington 24, Cleveland 23.

In other news from this same game, critics’ concerns that Johnny Manziel might have some maturity problems received some validation.  Johnny Manziel threw an interception, and, in frustration, gave the Redskins sideline the middle finger.  That’s not exactly a classy move, and doesn’t seem to show very good leadership skills.  Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would never do that.  Manziel has a long way to go, but it’s way to early to assume that he will have a fruitful NFL career. 

Finally, in college football, there were high hopes for Ohio State this year.  They are ranked #5 in the pre-season polls, and have a strong team that could go all the way.  Unfortunately, their Heisman candidate quarterback, Braxton Miller, re-injured his shoulder in practice.  It is unknown how long he will be out, but now the Buckeyes are preparing to start the season without him.  Bummer for Ohio State.

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