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Bradford Tears ACL, Michael Sam Sacks Manziel, South Korea Wins World Series


Sam BradfordIn the NFL, bad news for St. Louis Rams’ fans.  The Rams were expected to make the leap this year.  They have an absolutely stellar defense, and their offense looked like it was coming together under their 2nd year head coach Jeff Fisher.  Unfortunately, their quarterback, Sam Bradford, who was expected to have a banner year, tore his ACL and will be out for the season.   The Rams had high hopes for Bradford when they drafted him #1 overall, but this could likely end his tenure with the Rams.  

Michael SamElsewhere in some pre-season football news, the first openly gay football player, the Rams’ Michael Sam, is having a pretty good pre-season.  The Rams took on the Browns this weekend, and one fan said that he would buy drinks if Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel.  And, that’s exactly what happened…twice.   Watch out for Michael Sam this year as a real threat!


In the he Little League World Series, the most watched Little League World Series of all time, it came down to the Championship Game between the US champion, Chicago, and the World Champion, South Korea.  These kids had the attention of the country this year, but in the end, South Korea did just enough to stave off Chicago and capture the title.  It was an exciting event, and there will be a lot of anticipation for next year.  Perhaps this will persuade some of the top young American athletes to pursue baseball careers, as the sport has been losing athletes to other games the past few decades. 

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