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Ditka Says Redskins Name Change Stupid, Cowboys Passed On Manziel, James Harden Claims Best In NBA


Mike DitkaIn some controversial NFL news, former player and iconic Chicago Bears’ head coach Mike Ditka said publicly that the argument over the proposed Washington Redskins name change is stupid.  Ditka said that the Redskins have a storied past in the history of football and should always be the Redskins.  There is a growing swell that the Redskins should change their name, as it is deeply offensive to Indians, and Ditka definitely riled some fans by his comments. 

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that during the Draft in May, there was a big debate over drafting Johnny Manziel.  Manziel was available when it came time for the Cowboys to make their pick, but they opted against it.  Jerry Jones’ son (the Cowboys CEO) said he practically had to rip the draft card from his dad’s hands because he didn’t think Manziel was the right pick.  Apparently the biggest obstacle against taking Manziel was that the Cowboys had already made a big commitment to Tony Romo.  Romo is hoping for a big year, and the Cowboys are hoping they don’t regret passing on Manziel.  


James HardenFinally, in the NBA, the Houston Rockets’ James Harden aggravated some fans yesterday with his brash comments.  In an interview, Harden was asked who he thought was the best player alive.  Harden quickly responded with… himself.  Yep, he is convinced that he is the best basketball player out there.  Not LeBron, not Michael Jordan.  Funny enough, there was a short time when Harden was viewed as a bust draft pick.

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