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Tiger’s Bad Back, Bon Jovi Might Move Bills To Canada, Pacers’ George Injured,


Tiger WoodsIn other injury news, like the ones injured in a car accident,  Tiger Woods had to withdraw from the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational due to a nagging back injury.  Woods has been struggling with a bad back for a few years now, and it is seriously starting to affect his game.  The Tiger Woods of old would never pull out of a tournament, and one has to wonder if we are starting to see the beginning of the end of the Tiger Woods era.  Hopefully he will have one more flash of dominance, but this is not a good sign.  The young Rory Mcllroy took home the Bridgestone event trophy. If you too had an injury, personal injury law firm located in Tampa can help you in many ways.


Jon Bon JoviIn the NFL, the Buffalo Bills are up for sale.  And for a long time, rock star Jon Bon Jovi has been interested in purchasing the team, along with an investment group.  Even though he’s interested in buying the Team it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s interested in keeping them in Buffalo. Bon Jovi was seen scouting out stadiums in Toronto.  Giving the Bills to Toronto, and thus giving Canada their first official NFL team, could be a financially wise move.  There has been huge outcry from Buffalo residents, however.  They are even boycotting all Bon Jovi music in restaurants and bars.  On Sunday, Bon Jovi released a statement saying that he understands how Bills fans feel.  He said that he’s not going to risk it all just to let everyone down.  This story is still developing. 


Many NBA stars are currently practicing for the World Cup of basketball.  One of the stars, emerging superstar Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, landed awkwardly and broke his leg in an awfully severe injury during a routine scrimmage.  It was so gruesome that pictures of it on the internet came with a warning “not to look if sensitive”.  It was reminiscent of the nasty injury Kevin Ware of Louisville suffered roughly a year ago.  George is recovering well, and said he will be back.  But it’s hard to know if he will be the same after such a horrendous injury.  

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