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Huge news out of the NFL yesterday.  It is very rare in the NFL that you see a trade, let alone a trade of a star, but after just a year with the Cleveland Browns, the Browns have decided to trade running back Trent Richardson.  Richardson showed all the promise in the world, especially coming off a superstar college career at Alabama.  He was supposed to be a key building block in Cleveland’s future.  But, with Cleveland reeling this season, and just having lost their starting QB (who is also pretty much a bust), they have decided to get the most value out of Trent Richardson that they could.

So who got the prize?  That would go to the Indianapolis Colts.  Cleveland traded Richardson to the Colts in exchange for their first round pick.  Nabbing Richardson instantly makes them a contender in the AFC, as their offense has already looked good under Andrew Luck.  Having a running back threat makes them very dangerous.

Cleveland, on the other hand, is basically waving a white flag, and telling their fans “The 2013 season is a wash”.  However, the Browns are stockpiling draft picks, and are loaded come the 2014 draft.  Having top round draft picks is where you can substantially build a winning team very quickly, and that’s exactly what they intend to do.  It’s likely that they won’t be moving on with Brandon Weeden as their starting QB either.


In the NBA, the Houston Rockets have definitely reloaded these past 2 seasons, adding Jeremy Lin, James Harden, and now Dwight Howard.  Now, their former superstar Hakeem Olajuwon is commenting on how Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard are going to be a “very deadly” combo.  Everybody thought that it would be “good” tandem, but Olajuwon is considered one of the best basketball player geniuses of all-time.  If he says it’s going to be deadly, especially since he trained Dwight Howard one-on-one for an entire summer, then they may far exceed expectations this season.

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