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In the NFL, it was a much anticipated Thursday night football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Chiefs were undefeated coming into the game, while the Eagles were coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Chargers.  In fact, the Eagles were on a 7-game home losing streak.  But the big story was former Eagles coach Andy Reid’s return to Philly.  He’s now coaching the undefeated Chiefs.  Yet, in a classy move, the Eagles fans gave him a standing ovation at the beginning of the game.

From there, the Chiefs pretty much controlled the game.  The Eagles may have a (somewhat) exciting offense on account of new head coach Chip Kelly, but their defense is absolutely atrocious.  They can’t stop anybody.  It was a slow, dull game, and it was all Chiefs.  But in the 4th quarter, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy broke away for a long TD, making it a one touchdown game.  Except, the Chiefs killed about 8 minutes off the clock, and the Eagles offense couldn’t do anything when they got the ball.

And elsewhere in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns moved on from Trent Richardson, and just one day after they shipped him to the Colts, they brought in his replacement; former Broncos and Ravens star Willis McGahee.  McGahee is one of those solid, durable running backs who can pick up that first down if necessary (not to say the Browns will be getting many of those).  The Browns basically are just stock piling draft picks hoping for a rebuild in 2014, but it will be interesting to see if they can give teams’ headaches for the remainder of the season.

Finally, in college football, the University of Texas is arguably the biggest athletic program in the country.  Their football team is usually a Top 10 team every year, if not higher.  But they have been out of the National Spotlight for the last 5 seasons.  That’s not acceptable.  And apparently, a source confirmed that their brass talked to Alabama’s Nick Saban about possibly taking over the team.  That would be a huge move.  College football is about winning, and winning is about money, and UT wants money.  However, Saban came out and said that he would “never” leave ‘Bama for UT.  So this one might be settled.  But, you never know what someone’s price is.

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