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In the NFL, it was a double-header Monday Night Football match-up to kick off Week 1.  First up, it was the Washington Redskins hosting the Philadelphia Eagles.  This was a double debut (more or less). First, we had the reemergence of the beloved Robert Griffin III after suffering a major knee injury in January.  He has made a miraculous recovery (and at record speed) and Redskins fans couldn’t wait to see him get back on the field.  But, he would have to defeat whom many compare him to:  Michael Vick.  And Vick was with the night’s other debut — the first pro coaching game of former Oregon head coaching wizard Chip Kelly.  The Eagles got on the board early, and never looked back.  It’s like they could score with ease.  Meanwhile, the Redskins struggled, and both their offense and defense looked out of sync.  There is no need to panic this early in the season, but it’s fair to assume that the Eagles look good more than the Redskins look bad.  Philadelphia 33, Washington 27.

Next up, it was the San Diego Chargers hosting the Houston Texans.  This season is pretty much Super Bowl or bust for the Texans.  They have been heavily touted the past two seasons, but have failed to make much of a dent in the playoffs, going no further than the divisional round both years.  This year they brought in superstar safety Ed Reed, and drafted the first wide receiver in the draft, DeAndre Hopkins, so they would have a solid #2 option for Matt Schaub.  They’re going for broke.  The Chargers on the other hand are hoping to rebound after a horrible season.  The Chargers looked electric in the first half, with quarterback Phillip Rivers tossing for 3 touchdowns.  The Texans didn’t know what hit them.  But in the second half, Houston came surging back, and some horrible mistakes by the Chargers allowed the Texans to tie the game.  And in the end, new Texans kicker Randy Bullock booted the game winning field goal.  Houston 31, San Diego 28.


Finally, it was the U.S. Open Final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovich.  This is turning into a modern day rivalry.  Djokovich is riding high after making the Wimbledon finals just a few months ago.  But Nadal can catch fire when he wants to, and in over a 4 hour match, Nadal pulled away and claimed the U.S. Open Title.  This is Nadal’s 13th Grand Slam Title, and he is quickly cementing himself as one of the greatest tennis players ever.

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