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In the NFL, it was a big test for the Green Bay Packers as they headed into Cincinnati.  The Bengals have a strong team this year, with a much touted defense, and they would receive their own test trying to stop Aaron Rodgers and the red hot Packers offense.  The Packers even got a surprising boost this game, as their 4th round running back draft pick, Johnathan Franklin from UCLA, finally saw the field.  He gave them over 100 yards on the ground, and looked like quite the solid back.  It looked like the Packers were going to sneak out of there with a win, but in the end, the Packers went for it on 4th and inches WITH their running back Johnathan Franklin.  And… yeah… he fumbled.  It was recovered by Terrance Newman of the Bengals defense, and he ran it into the end zone for a game winning score.  The Bengals are now 2-1.  Cincy 34, Green Bay 30.

And in San Francisco, the Niners were looking to rebound after their brutal loss to the Seahawks against the Indianapolis Colts.  This was a reunion between Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, and his former coach from Stanford, Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh.  Everybody had the Niners penciled in for this one, but the Colts were introducing their newest addition:  running back Trent Richardson.  Richardson had a solid day, even scoring a touchdown on his first run as a Colt, but they got a spectacular game from their other running back Ahmad Bradshaw.  The Colts pretty much had their way with the Niners.  And after the game, Niners star linebacker Aldon Smith apologized to the media for his DUI, and that he will be seeking treatment.  The Niners said there is no time table for his return.  There is trouble in San Fran.  Indy 27, San Francisco 7.

Finally, there is seriously some issues with the New York Giants.  They started out the year with a crushing loss to the Cowboys.  Then, last week, they dropped a home game to the Broncos.  Everyone thought that they were just struggling with difficult opponents, and basically everyone picked them to go into Carolina and pull out a win.  But the Panthers were ready for them.  Cam Newton and the Panthers D put an absolute beat down on the G-Men.  They shut them out!!  This is typically an offense that scores rather easily, as they do have a number of strong offensive weapons.  But they couldn’t get anything going, and truly look like a terrible team right now.  It will be interesting to see what they do to improve next week.  Carolina 38, NY Giants 0.

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