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In the NFL, it was the first Thursday Night Football game on the NFL Network.  This has been a new tradition for football fans, as there is really only 2 days off a week now from football (if you count college football on Saturdays).  This week’s match-up:  The New England Patriots hosting the New York Jets.  The Jets got a lucky victory on Sunday, and were hoping that Geno Smith wasn’t a fluke.  As for the Patriots, they are completely banged up with injuries, and Tom Brady has fewer offensive weapons than he’s ever had.  This game was a fight through a long rain storm, so we got to witness some very ugly, sloppy football.  But when the rain settled, Geno Smith had a terrible game (throwing 2 picks) and Tom Brady’s receivers and entire offensive unit looked awful.  In the end, however, the Pats D was just a little better and the Patriots snuck out of there with a 3-point victory.  New England 13, NY Jets 10.

Elsewhere in the NFL, there is a much anticipated match-up this weekend between the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions.  It’s a battle of the league’s two premier wide receivers:  Calvin Johnson (Lions) and Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals).  But on Thursday, Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians actually dubbed Calvin Johnson the best receiver in the game.  And, in an odd move, Larry Fitzgerald agreed.  Fitzgerald said that all you needed to do was look at the numbers.  This match-up will also feature Calvin Johnson going against one of the games best cornerbacks in Patrick Peterson.  This is going to be a fun one.

And if you need even more entertainment this weekend, there’s more.  First, you have the rematch between Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M vs. Alabama.  Manziel went into Alabama last year and ruined their perfect season.  Sure, the Crimson Tide won it all, but they still have that stain of losing a game to A&M IN Alabama. This ‘Bama program is not designed to lose anything.  Manziel needs this win if he wants to have a shot at a second Heisman trophy.  And Bama needs this win if they want a true shot at the National Championship.  The stakes couldn’t be higher.


And then, at night, it’s the much anticipated fight between the champion Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez.  A lot of people think that Alvarez could actually take down Mayweather.

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