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After a backlash against the judge who said that the Mayweather/Canelo fight was a draw, it looks like that particular judge is taking a leave of absence.  Everybody who watched that fight saw that Mayweather dominated.  He was practically toying with Canelo.  But one judge did say the fight was a draw, and defended this by saying that some rounds looked very close, and she gave them to Canelo.  Sure, but the rounds in which Mayweather won, he won big.  It appears that not too many want this judge at ring side again, and she will likely be gradually exiting the sport.


In the NFL, there is currently a lot of worry in Washington surrounding star quarterback Robert Griffin III.  He’s simply not playing well, and because he’s not 100%, his run game is completely limited.  Problem is… his run game is what makes him so dangerous.  There has been talk in Washington of possibly benching RG3 in favor of his back-up, Kirk Cousins, a traditional pocket-passing quarterback.  But before they do that, wide receiver Pierre Garcon has come to RG3’s defense, saying that the bulky knee brace Griffin is wearing is the cause for his impeded running game.  “It’s slowing him down”, Garcon says.  Either way, the Redskins host the Lions this Sunday, and desperately need the win to avoid going 0-3.

Finally, elsewhere in the NFL, it’s always bragging rights for a team to have the best Super Bowl odds in Vegas.  This means that the consensus of bettors everywhere think that your team is going to win the Super Bowl.  Denver wore this honor for most of the off-season, and into 2 weeks of the season.  However, after last weekend, their is a new odds king at the top of the standings:  The Seattle Seahawks.  Yep, after their destructive performance against the 49ers, the Seahawks are the consensus #1 pick to win the Super Bowl.  Their offense looks fantastic, their defense is playing at another level, and they make very few mistakes.  But, one injury can change everything.

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