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In the NFL, after a month of turmoil in New York, the Jets have finally selected their starting quarterback for the season.  It was a contest between their current starting QB, and the young rookie out of West Virginia, Geno Smith.  Both of them played awful in the pre-season, but the Jets brass felt that Sanchez just wasn’t showing them anything special.  He kept throwing picks, and didn’t appear to be improving.  This is the same guy that helped guide them to some deep playoff runs.  After a lot of deliberating, the Jets have decided to start the season with the rookie, Geno Smith.  Smith hasn’t played well either, but they feel that there is more upside with Smith than with Sanchez.  And if this season is a wash for them, they might as well get the young guy some experience right away.

And, speaking of the Jets, they lost their star cornerback Darrelle Revis this off-season to the Buccaneers.  It’s always ironic when your first game of the season happens to be against your former team.  And Wednesday, Revis told the media that he would happily “spill the beans” about the Jets offense and game plans.  This kind of intel is extremely valuable, as the Bucs defense will somewhat be able to predict how the wide receivers will run their routes, and what to expect from some of the offensive plays.  This is a seemingly huge advantage for the Bucs.

Finally, there is even more news of players spilling secrets of their former team.  Brian Urlacher, the long time star linebacker of the Chicago Bears, said that the team would fake injuries.  This means that they would have a player essentially go down and get hurt, and that stops the game, gives the defense a time to regroup and catch their breath, and also cools a hot offense.  Apparently, the team had a designated “dive guy” on every play that knew he was supposed to ‘go down’ and grab a body part if the coach called for it on the sideline.  This is a bit shocking considering that Urlacher was definitely beloved by the city of Chicago, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors, and what might upset a player to tell all.

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