It was Game 2 of the World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Cardinals grabbed Game 1 and have kept the strong Texas bats in check.  That would stay consistent last night as the solid Cardinals pitching and cold weather would make Texas earn those hits.  It was a pitcher’s duel for most of the game, until the the Cardinals finally got out to a 1-0 lead from a clutch hit by Allen Craig.  It looked like the Cards would grab yet another game as they sent their superstar closer Jason Motte to the mound.  But some crafty base-running would put the Rangers in a good spot.  Then Josh Hamilton smacked a single to bring in a run, and Michael Young hit a sacrifice fly to bring in another.  That gave the Rangers a 2-1 lead in the 9th and the Cardinals couldn’t square it up.  The series now heads back to Texas, and Cardinals fans may have seen their last game with Albert Pujols in a Cardinals jersey.  Texas 2, St. Louis 1.


In college football, #1 LSU will host Auburn this weekend.  Many thought this would be an easy win for LSU due to their stellar defense, namely that of “The Honey Badger”, Tyrann Mathieu.  However, it looks like The Honey Badger and two other LSU players have tested positive for synthetic marijuana.  Because of this, LSU is suspending Mathieu, Tharold Simon, and Spencer Ware for the game.  This will make LSU soft on defense and if Auburn can bring a stellar ‘A’ game, they might just stand a chance against the Tigers.  After all, LSU is known for their defense, but their offense hasn’t exactly been a scoring machine.  If Auburn can stop LSU on offense, they might just have a shot to put up some decent points and win the game.


Finally, in the NFL, some crazy news.  The Philadelphia Eagles agreed to a trade that would send back-up running-back Ronnie Brown to the Detroit Lions in exchange for running-back Jerome Harrison.  The Lions need a running-back after Jahvid Best suffered a concussion and may have to sit out the remainder of the season.  Upon any trade, all players involved must take a full physical to ensure there are no major hidden injuries.  In Jerome Harrison’s case, they discovered he had a brain tumor.  That of course voided the trade, but also made Harrison aware of something very serious.  Doctors said the tumor was treatable, but may not have been if they would have caught it later.  So essentially, had he not been traded, they never would have found it.  While this is a terrible situation for Harrison, he is lucky that the Lions decided to trade him.  It could most likely save his life.

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