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The New York Yankees were on the brink of elimination heading into Game 4 against Detroit.  And you can bet that the Tigers crowd wanted to do away with the Yanks IN Detroit.  Fortunately for them, the Yankees put A.J. Burnett on the mound, a pitcher who gives up a lot of runs and makes NY fans extremely nervous.  He would have all the pressure on him in this one.  However, Burnett pitched quite well. He gave up a homer, but it was only a solo shot (rare for Burnett, as he usually gives up 2 or 3 run homers).  He left in 5 innings, with the Yankees up 4-1.  And then… the Yankees bats got hot!  Each inning they put up a few runs to keep piling on the lead.  And the Tigers just couldn’t get anything going.  They were way too anxious and nervous to get the win that they seemingly completely blew the game.  The series is now tied at 2 and headed back to NY.  NY 10, Detroit 1.

And in St. Louis, the Cards were hoping to take the series advantage with the battle back on their turf.  However, it’s really tough to beat the Phillies, especially when they have their THIRD ace on the mound in Cole Hamels — a man who used to be their #1 until they brought in Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.  Hamels gave a terrific performance, allowing just 5 hits in 6 innings AND striking out 8 Cards, and the Phillies held the lead the majority of the way.  But, in the 9th, Yadier Molina hit a clutch single that brought in Alber Pujols and put the Cardinals down by only 1.  Unfortunately, they just couldn’t get another run, and the Phillies held on for the series lead.  Game 4 is tonight.  Philadelphia 3, St. Louis 2.

In Tampa, the Rays found themselves down 2-1, and needed a win to extend the series.  Remember, this team launched a 6-week campaign to try and just get into the playoffs.  They were even able, in the last game of the season, to jump ahead of the mighty Boston Red Sox for the wild card spot.  Surely they at least wouldn’t lose the series on their home turf.  They kept it close the whole way, but in the 7th Adrian Beltre homered for the second time to give the Rangers a 4-2 lead.  The Rays tried to get a rally going in the 9th, and did get another run, but just couldn’t get that extra kick to give them a tie.  And with that, the Rangers win, and head back to their second straight American League Championship Series.  Texas 4, Tampa Bay 3.

Finally, in Arizona, the Diamondbacks trailed 2-0 and faced elimination.  The Brewers simply have their number.  But remember, this is a team, like the Rays, who had a horrific start to the season and then found their form in the second half.  They have a terrific offense that is very hard to beat if they get hot.  And last night, they got hot.  Miguel Montero had some clutch hitting to give them a few runs, but the big blast came in the 5th inning when Paul Goldschmidt broke the game open with a 3-run homer.  That gave the D-Backs a 7-1 lead, and the Brewers simply couldn’t come back.  The D-Backs can tie up this series tonight, and then head back to Milwaukee with all the momentum.  Arizona 8, Milwaukee 1.

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