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it was Game 1 of the World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Even though the Rangers have a far better record, because the National League won the all-star game (a just-for-fun exhibition game), the Cardinals get home field advantage in the World Series.  So how would it play out?  The game was nothing short of exciting.  It was a pitcher’s duel until the 4th inning, when the Cardinals’ Lance Berkman hit a shot to right field to bring in 2 runs.  2-0 Cards.  But then, in the 5th, the Rangers Mike Napoli got a hold of a ball and smashed it out of the park.  That was a 2-run homer, and we’ve got ourselves a tie ball game.  In the 6th, the Cardinals put in pitch hitter Allen Craig and he hit a hook single to right field and the Rangers outfielder just couldn’t make the play.  That brought in a run and gave the Cards a 3-2 lead.  The Cardinals pitching held the Rangers in check the rest of the way, especially their long bearded closer Jason Motte, who has been dominant this post-season.  And the Cardinals take a 1-0 lead in the World Series… but it’s far from over.  St. Louis 3, Texas 2.


In the NFL, the Washington Redskins are having some starting quarterback turmoil.  They started the season with Rex Grossman, who looked like he actually might play decently, giving the Redskins a few wins.  But, recently, Grossman proved that he was still… Rex Grossman, poorly handling the defensive pressure and throwing picks left and right.  So, the Redskins had a choice to make:  Either stick with Grossman or go with promising back-up John Beck.  The word “promising” used only to suggest that he couldn’t possibly play worse than Grossman, right?  Well, yesterday, the Redskins decided that John Beck is their guy going forward.  Prior to the season, during the lockout, Beck was brought in from Miami, and even publicly said that he WILL be the Redskins starting QB.  Hopefully his time on the bench was humbling, and he’ll be able to give the Skins the spark that they need.

Finally, in some more gossipy NFL news, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, a man who loves the media, threw some jabs at Chargers coach Norv Turner.  The Chargers and Jets are set to play Sunday, and Ryan is definitely trying to rile him up.  In 2007, Rex Ryan interviewed to be the head coach of the Chargers, but they went with Turner.  When a reporter asked Rex Ryan how he would have fared as head coach of the Chargers at that time, Ryan said he would have had a couple rings because those teams were loaded (which is true).  Norv Turner didn’t like that, and in a media conference he uttered out loud “Where are all those rings that Rex Ryan promised with the Jets?”.  So you can definitely expect an awkward handshake before and after the game at midfield.

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