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In college football, it looks like it’s official:  West Virginia will join the Big 12.  This comes on the heels of Syracuse and UCONN most likely joining the ACC (in football at least), and because of those departures, everybody is pretty much jumping ship on the Big East.  And the Big 12, a conference that is actually playing quite well this year, even better than the SEC as a whole you could argue, could use a solid program like West Virginia in the mix.  They are almost consistently at the top of the standings in the Big East and will be able to compete with the teams in the Big 12.  After all, they hung in there with #1 seed LSU this year.  The only issue is this doesn’t make much geographical sense — WVU will be traveling a lot.

And in the NFL, it looks like Terrell Owens is making a comeback.  However, it also looks like nobody in the NFL cares.  Terrell Owens, after recovering from an injury, put on a workout in Calabasas, CA, except not one NFL scout showed up.  Not ONE team.  The event was covered by the media and ESPN, and will definitely be available for teams to take a lookout.  But the fact that absolutely nobody of import was there is more a sign of retaliation by the league potentially for Owens’ behavior in the past.  They just don’t want anything to do with him.  Then again, it’s hard to deny that Owens was one of the best wide receivers of the past 20 years and still might have a little spark left in him.


Finally, in some unrelated World Series news out of baseball, the Chicago Cubs may have found their savior.  After a string of losing seasons, the Cubs have brought in former Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein to be their team president.  He will be charged with the difficult task of fielding a winning team.  Many Cubs fans may have given up on such a thought, but Epstein is the best in the business at organizing winning squads.  In 10 years with the Red Sox, he made them a super winner and even won 2 World Series titles.  He has now promised Cubs fans that they will win a World Series soon.  Cubs fans… be excited!

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