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In Major League Baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals have forced a game seven of the World Series. This will be the first final elimination, winner take-all game of the World Series since 2002 and the Cardinals are looking to do something that hasn’t been done since 1975: win game six and game seven to win it all. Thursday night’s game was like a tennis match with volleys going back and forth over the net with several unforced errors. There were several ties and lead changes throughout the game and at some points it looked as though neither team wanted to win the game with a combined five errors on the night between the two teams.

Then, things got really exciting!!!! Our hero of the night ended up being St. Louis’ young third basemen David Freese. In the bottom of the ninth, he tripled over the head of Ranger’s outfielder Nelson Cruz. That hit knocked in the game tying runs with two outs. In the 10th inning, Texas responded with a Josh Hamilton two-run homerun. It looked as though the Cardinals’ magic was running out, but in the bottom half of the inning St. Louis responded with three runs to put the back-and-forth ball game to an end. The game-winning run came off the bat of the same guy who tied it in the ninth, David Freese. He hit a shot to centerfield and it flew over the wall to win the ball game and force a final game.

The final game looks to be very exciting just like this entire series has been. The pitching matchup will be announced very close to game time and it would be a shock if Cardinals manager, Tony La Russa, doesn’t send out their ace pitcher, Chris Carpenter.


In college football, the SEC may have made a little mistake during the World Series. On their website for just minutes a public letter was on the website welcoming Mizzou to the SEC. The letter was quickly taken down, but not before the media got a hold of it and the damage was done. It was dated Monday Oct. 22, but this may be foreshadowing what is to come in the next few days in the conference realignment scene. Also, there are reports of Boise State in talks with the Big East to move into their conference during this shuffle.


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