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The St. Louis Cardinals were facing elimination on Wednesday night against a very tough Philadelphia Phillies team.  But this team has that never-say-die spirit that would keep the battle tough.  The Phillies got up quick in the very first inning behind Chase Utley and Hunter Pence RBIs.  But, the Cardinals weren’t intimidated, thanks to an amazing clutch-hitting game from David Freese, including a 2-run home run.   There was even a squirrel that ran across home plate during a pitch — then ran up in the stands.  Fun for the kids.  The Cards just wouldn’t back down and got the pitching defense they needed to hold off the Phillies in Game 4.   Now, the series heads back to Philly for the elimination Game 5.  It should be very exciting to watch.  St. Louis 5, Philadelphia 3.


Brett Favre went on an Atlanta radio station and had some choice words for current Packer golden-boy Aaron Rodgers.  Favre said he was impressed with how well Aaron is playing, but was surprised he didn’t win a Super Bowl sooner.  Now that’s a knock.  Favre said that Rodgers had the ideal situation when he became the Packers starting QB (something Favre forced Rodgers to wait 4 years for), and a Super Bowl should have been inevitable.  In response, Rodgers swatted away Favre’s comment saying that he was really proud of his team for winning the Super Bowl, and it took 53 guys to do it.  And for those keeping score:  Favre has one super bowl, Rodgers has one Super Bowl… and one Super Bowl MVP.  When Favre won it, Desmond Howard was awarded the MVP award.

Finally, in college football, becoming the starting quarterback at the University of Texas practically makes you a celebrity in the state.  It’s a position that every Texas High School quarterback wants to strive for.  After the Colt McCoy era, the heir apparent was set to be Garrett Gilbert.  Gilbert even played most of the National Championship against Alabama when McCoy went down.  Last year, however, Gilbert underperformed.  And this year… same thing.  Such a lackluster performance, that head coach Mack Brown benched him in favor of Colt’s brother Case McCoy.  Gilbert got injured as well and has decided he has no choice but to transfer.  He won’t get the limelight chance at Texas he was hoping for, and will hope to land a starting gig at a somewhat major school so he can show the pro scouts what he can do.

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