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In the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles, once labeled “The Dream Team”, were 1-3 heading into a redemption game against the Buffalo Bills.  Everybody was picking the Eagles to win this game, as it was a ‘must-win’.  They didn’t account for the fact that the Buffalo Bills are actually a very good team, and very tough to beat at home.  The Bills jumped out to a gigantic 28-7 lead, but then Michael Vick and the Eagles came soaring back.  Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy all accounted for Eagles TDs, and suddenly the Eagles found themselves trailing only 31-24 late in the 4th quarter.  All they had to do was stop the Bills, and they did, but… on a 4th down, the Bills lined up in an effort to draw the Eagles off-side.  That typically doesn’t work, especially at such an important time.  But this time… it did.  The Eagles flinched, the Bills got a 1st down, and that was all she wrote.  Now… the Eagles are 1-4.  They’re going to need a miracle to make the playoffs.  Buffalo 31, Philadelphia 24.

And, in Houston, the Oakland Raiders were looking to post a win following the death of their long-time owner Al Davis.  Davis was one of the most recognizable figures in football, and the Raiders would be bringing an extra step to this game because Davis would have wanted them too.  The Raiders fell behind early.  But then, the Raiders running-game started carving up the Texans defense, and, finally, the Raiders got a solid game from their high draft-pick wide receiver Darius Hayward-Bey.  He finished the game with 99 yards and a touchdown.  But the Texans had a surging drive in the final minute, and even got it down to within the 10 yard line.  With just 8 seconds left, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub ran it towards the end zone, but then got nervous, and tossed an interception.  And that gave the Raiders the win they desired.  Oakland 25, Houston 20.


it was Game 1 of the National League Championship Series between two division rivals:  The St. Louis Cardinals, who miraculously beat the mighty Phillies, and the Milwaukee Brewers who finally feel that THIS could be their year.  The Brewers brought in former Royals Cy Young Winner Zach Greinke this year hoping they would get in just such a situation.  And Greinke delivered the stable pitching they needed to let their offense do the talking.  With homers from their stars Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder, the Brewers were able to put up a whopping 9 runs.  The Cards bats were hot as well, but not as hot as Milwaukee’s.  The Brewers now have a 1-0 lead on the series, but it is FAR from over.  Milwaukee 9, St. Louis 6.
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