It was Game 4 of the NLCS between the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals.  And the Brewers opted to put a veteran on the mound in Randy Wolf.  The Cardinals got out to the hot start behind home runs from Matt Holliday and Allen Craig.  But, in the 4th inning, the Brewers got a clutch hit from Yuniesky Betancourt — which brought a speedy Jerry Hairston Jr. to the plate.  The throw beat him to the plate, but an amazing slide helped Hairston avoid the tag and score the tying run.  Then, in the 5th, Ryan Braun showed up to the series in a big way by blasting a homer to put the Brewers up a run.  And from there, they wouldn’t look back.  Now, the series is tied 2-2.  Milwaukee 4, St. Louis 2.

And in the ALCS, the Detroit Tigers were staring elimination right in the face.  It was do-or-die against a very tough and red-hot Texas Rangers team.  This one was a back-and-forth game from the start.  Alex Avila and Delmon Young smacked home runs to give the Tigers the lead, but a solid hit from Josh Hamilton in the 5th inning brought in the typing run.  But in the 6th inning, the Tigers caught fire, hit some key RBIs and Delmon Young homered again to put the Tigers up 6-2.  In the late innings, the Rangers made a rally getting another home run from Nelson Cruz and an RBI from Michael Young, but… it simply wasn’t enough.  And the Tigers force a Game 6.  Detroit 7, Texas 5.


Finally, in the NFL, the Denver Broncos are looking to sell high on their Brandon Lloyd stock.  Lloyd was a #2 receiver at best for most of his career, but then he went to Denver last season and became a pro-bowler — something that nobody saw coming!  This year he has battled some injuries, and the Denver Broncos have decided to see what value they can get from him.  They’re clearly not contenders this season, and are trying to get a 3rd round draft pick for Lloyd.  However, it’s been rumored that Tennessee and Carolina have both expressed interest in Lloyd.  Those teams have a shot to make the playoffs (or in the Panthers’ case… a long shot, but a nice weapon for Cam Newton moving forward).  It will be interesting to see if Lloyd can continue his upward swing with another squad.

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