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In the NBA, it was Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns.  Lakers lead the series 2-1, but the Suns are a very tough team to beat at home.  Last game, Amar’e Stoudemire was the hero with 42 points, but he only had 21 in this game.  The key to the Suns strategy was their zone.  The Lakers just couldn’t get anything going vs. the Suns tenacious defense.  But the real hero of the game was back-up point-guard Goran Dragic.  Coming off the bench, he played as good if not better than Suns 2-time MVP Steve Nash.  Dragic is a huge new weapon for the Suns, and they plan to use him.  Now the series heads back to LA for Game 5, and the Suns have all the momentum.  Phoenix 115, LA Lakers 106.

Elsewhere in the NBA, many rumors have circled that the Chicago Bulls were courting Phil Jackson to return to the Bulls.  The main idea:  He would finish up his career coaching yet another legend in LeBron James.  The Bulls figured if they got Jackson, that would lure King James to town.  But, yesterday, Jackson said he had no intention to return to the Bulls.  Jackson has made a life for himself in LA, and even has a girlfriend in Lakers vice-president Jeanie Buss.  At the same time, Jackson kinda/sorta mentioned that the New Jersey Nets looked intriguing.


Finally, some breaking news from the NFL.  It may be 4 years away, but the 2014 Super Bowl is making big news.  Traditionally, the Super Bowl is in either warm weather cities (San Diego, Miami, Tampa Bay and now Dallas) or domes (New Orleans, Indianapolis).  But yesterday, the NFL decided to award the 2014 Super Bowl to, WHAT, New York.  This is in celebration of the new meadowlands stadium being built.  However, it remains curious to see a cold weather Super Bowl.  It could conceivably be snowing in early February during the game.  Can you imagine a snow-covered slippery field in the Super Bowl?  This is pretty crazy!

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