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In the NBA, the Phoenix Suns were hoping to do what absolutely nobody expected:  Sweep the San Antonio Spurs.  Tim Duncan and the Spurs have always had the Suns number, but Phoenix is playing incredible team basketball right now.  Steve Nash looks hungry and aware that this season could be his last chance at playing in an NBA Finals.  The game was rather close, but with Amar’e Stoudemire’s terrific 29 point effort, the Phoenix Suns eliminated the Spurs from the playoffs.  Wow!  Now, Nash and the Suns await the winner of the Los Angeles Lakers/Utah Jazz series.  It will most likely be the Lakers, posing the ultimate test for the red-hot Suns.  Phoenix 107, San Antonio 101.

And in Boston, it was Game 4 of the Celtics/Cavaliers bizarro series.  Only Game 1 was close.   Games 2 and 3 were both blowouts in one direction.  It’s as if these teams figure out the opposing teams strategy and exploit the heck out of it.  Then, in the next game, the other team gets revenge and looks purely unbeatable.  It’s so unpredictable.  Well, the Cavs trounced the Celtics in Game 3, so, naturally, it was Boston’s turn to shine.  And most of that shine came from Celtics point-guard Rajon Rondo.  He finished the night with a TRIPLE-DOUBLE! (29 points, 18 rebounds, and 13 assists).  With that, the Celtics tie the series at two heading back to Cleveland.  This one will probably go 7 games.  And if the Cavs lose Game 5 at home… they are in serious trouble.  Boston 97, Cleveland 87.


Finally, the best story of the weekend came from the baseball world.  It was just a lazy Sunday afternoon game between the Oakland A’s and the surging Tampa Bay Rays, but something special happened.  Oakland’s young pitcher, Dallas Braden, was absolutely brilliant.  No one could get a hit off him.  And… he didn’t allow anyone on base.  What does that mean?  Yep — Dallas Braden threw only the 19th perfect game in baseball history.  Wow!  This is an amazing accomplishments, and seasons can go by without one.  Last year, Mark Buehrle threw one for the Chicago White Sox, and statistics suggested that we wouldn’t see another one for at least 5 years.  But Dallas Braden proved those wrong. Truly amazing.  Oakland 4, Tampa Bay 0.

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