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In the NBA, it was Game 5 of the Boston Celtics/Cleveland Cavaliers series.  The series is tied at 2, and LeBron and Cavs were expected to maintain home court advantage.  Last game, Celtics point-guard Rajon Rondo had a triple-double, and LeBron said he wanted to guard him this game.  How would that work out?

Well, the Celtics got up to a decent lead… and never really looked back.  The Celtics appear to have the Cavaliers number.  Even LeBron didn’t look like himself in this game.  He’s been having trouble with his elbow and later in the game LeBron was wheezing from fatigue.  That is very unlike him.  He was bent over with his hands on his knees which is typically the body language for “I’m really tired” — not exactly something you see from a super athlete like LeBron.  Ray Allen had 25 points on the night for the Celtics as they rolled to an easy road victory.  And here’s some bad news for Cleveland fans hoping for the first championship in the city of Cleveland in over 40 years:  That might have been LeBron’s last game in a Cleveland uniform EVER!!  Very scary.  Boston 120, Cleveland 88.


Ken Griffey Jr. is under attack by the press for apparently being asleep in the clubhouse during a game.  According to media sources, Griffey wasn’t available to pinch-hit because he was asleep.  Well, the Mariners and Griffey Jr. are denying these reports.  The story has a larger angle to it, as Griffey is having such a bad year (batting only. 208) that it might be time for the Mariners to release him.  Most likely, no other team would pick him up, which would force Griffey to retire.  That would mark the end of a very long career in sports.  Fans that rooted for Griffey at 12 years old are now in their early 30s.  They practically grew up with him.  We will see how this develops.


Finally, a crazy story in the High School basketball world.  It appears that Permian High School in West Texas, the school featured in the original book “Friday Night Lights” had some excessive fraudulent activity in their High School Basketball playoff run.  The star of their team was not a High School student, but rather a 22-year old man.  It was just plain cheating, but such a shocking revelation.   They will of course have to forfeit that season.  The strangest thing is that the 22-year old was absolutely beloved by both the school and the town.  The aftermath of this should be extremely dramatic.

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