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In the NBA, the Orlando Magic have had 8 days of rest since sweeping the Charlotte Bobcats in the first round.  Last night, they began their second round action against the Atlanta Hawks.  For those that haven’t been watching the playoffs up until this point, the Atlanta Hawks have been sub-par.  They barely beat an injured Bucks team, and would have their hands full with the Magic.  Well, the Hawks actually kept things pretty close in the first quarter, but then the Magic absolutely steamrolled them for the rest of the game.  It was truly one of the worst playoff games ever on television.  At one point, the Magic were up by 43 points.  Remember, this is the second round of the playoffs when the contests are supposed to be tight.  We’ll see if Atlanta can rebound in Game 2.  Orlando 114, Atlanta 71.

Next up, it was Game 2 between the LA Lakers and the Utah Jazz.  The Jazz have been terrific in the playoffs, but there is just something about the Lakers that Utah can’t figure out.  They have lost 7 straight playoff games in LA, dating back a few seasons.  Well, Utah was hoping to steal one game, but the Lakers used their defense and height advantage to get the job done.  Kobe had 30 points on the night, helping the Lakers grab a 2-0 lead in the series.  LA Lakers 111, Utah 103.


And in a strange story out of the baseball world, the Philadelphia Phillies have had a problem with fans running on the field.  Well, recently a Philly fan called his dad before running on the field.  He actually asked him permission over the phone, and his dad, Wayne Consalvi said “I don’t think you should, son”.  Well, the kid did it anyway, ran around the outfield a bit, and then in brute force fashion, the security guards shot him with a taser gun.  That hurts, and the boy laid motionless for 30 seconds.  It was pretty violent, but they are instructed to protect the athletes.  This issue could lead to some controversial results.

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