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There is no bigger story in sports right now than LeBron James possibly losing yet again in the playoffs.  However, the second biggest story is definitely the Montreal Canadians.  Since the NBA was on a rest day, hockey dominated the airwaves.


# 8 Montreal upset the #1 seed Washington Capitals in the first round of the NHL playoffs.  Their next competitor:  The Stanley Cup Defending Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.  And remember, the Penguins are captained by Sidney Crosby, the hero of the Canadian olympic team.  Could the Pens hold on and take Game 7 on their home ice or would the Canadians pull yet another stunner.  Well, look at this way, the Canadians didn’t just win — they destroyed the Penguins. The win puts the red-hot Canadians in the Eastern Conference finals.  There were even riots in Montreal after the game (Note:  Montreal LOVES their hockey).  Can they go all the way as a #8 seed????  Montreal 5, Pittsburgh 2.

Elsewhere, it was the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers.  Facing elimination, the Flyers absolutely needed a win.  Well, it was Danny Briere’s goal in the second period that gave the Flyers a 2-0 lead.  Milan Lucic put in a goal for the Bruins in the 3rd period, but the Flyers defense held off Boston.  Now, they will get their own Game 7, and the winner gets Montreal.  Philadelphia 2, Boston 1.


Finally, tomorrow marks a pivotal moment in NBA history.  If the Cavs can beat the Celtics in Boston, they will have a chance at salvaging the series with a Game 7 in Cleveland.  But, if the Cavs lose, it could mean the end of hope in Cleveland.  Most experts think that if the Cavs fall to the Celtics, LeBron will leave Cleveland — knowing he can’t win a championships there.  They have been a #1 seed for two seasons in a row.  Last year, they lost to the Magic — this year they face elimination in the second round.  For all the talk of LeBron being the next Jordan — keep in mind he is 7 years into his career, has only played in one championship, and has no rings.  This guy either needs to win this season — or start from zero.

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