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In the NBA, it was do or die for the Orlando Magic.  They needed a win to avoid being swept by the Boston Celtics.  This would be no easy task as the Celtics are playing incredible basketball right now AND the game was in Boston.  Well, rest assured, that Orlando came to play — namely their all-stars Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard.

The game was neck-and-neck the whole way, but Orlando maintained the edge.  Then, the Celtics marched a comeback run behind a terrific night from Paul Pierce (32 points and 11 rebounds).  And, in the end, the Celtics found themselves with the ball, the score tied at 86.  But, in a rare moment, they got clumsy with it and couldn’t get a shot off.  We’re headed to OT, and that’s when the Magic finally turned into the team they had been all season.  Sharing the ball, getting good shots, etc… Dwight Howard had a monster night with 32 points and 16 boards, giving the Magic just the edge they needed to avoid the sweep.  Now it’s back to Orlando for Game 5.  Will the Celtics play nervous?  Orlando 96, Boston 92.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made their first major off-season move in an effort to keep LeBron.  Yesterday, they fired head coach Mike Brown after 5 seasons with the team.  All experts (and casual fans) agreed that Brown’s coaching efforts during the playoffs were putrid and misguided.  The Cavs are hoping to bring in a big name to potentially coach LeBron for another few years.  However, there are strong rumors that LeBron is very interested in Chicago.  Further rumors have Chicago trying to court Lakers coach Phil Jackson for one more go around with the Bulls before he retires.  This off-season LeBron drama is going to be fantastic!


In the NHL playoffs, the exciting Montreal Canadian underdog run… finally came to an end yesterday.  The smoking-hot Philadelphia Flyers ousted them from the playoffs.  The Flyers won convincingly, and now the Flyers BECOME the underdogs as they will take on the Chicago Blackhawks.  Both these teams are peaking at just the right time, and should give us a doozy of a Stanley Cup face-off.  Philadelphia 4, Montreal 1.

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