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This weekend, it was more of the conference finals in the NBA.

On Saturday, it was Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic.  This series has been completely lopsided in the Celtics favor, but many expected the Magic to bounce back in Game 3.  Well, didn’t happen.  The Celtics completely blanketed Orlando on defense.  They simply could not get anything going.  Meanwhile, the Celtics are absolutely jelling right now.  Rajon Rondo, easily their player now, did his thing again, finishing the game with 11 points and 12 assists.  This guy is a magician out there.  If the Celtics wind up playing the Lakers in the finals, the Lakers will have their hands full with Rondo.  Game 4 is Monday night, and almost everyone is picking a Celtics sweep.  The Magic just look dead out there.  We’ll see if they have any fight left in them.  Boston 94, Orlando 71.

Sunday, it was Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the LA Lakers and Phoenix Suns.  The Lakeshow took the first two games in Phoenix, but Phoenix is a solid team on its home court and they intended to do some damage.  Unlike Orlando, Phoenix is out there with something to prove.  Kobe Bryant went off for 36 points and 11 points for the Lakers, but the night belonged to the Suns.  Amar’e Stoudemire was an absolute best out there, finishing the night with 42 points and 11 boards.  Wow!  The Suns rolled to a victory and now only trail the Lakers 2-1.  Game 4 is Tuesday night.  Phoenix 118, LA Lakers 109.


The team from the early 90s, the Chicago Blackhawks, are officially back.  They beat the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference Finals to sweep the series and head to the Stanley Cup Finals.  They will face either the Philadelphia Flyers or the Montral Canadians.  This should be a fantastic finals.  For the Sharks, however, they had one of the ultimate choke jobs.  They were favored to at least get to the Finals at the beginning of the playoffs, so to lose to the Blackhawks in a sweep… a huge letdown.  Chicago 4, San Jose 2.