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In the NBA, the Boston Celtics were looking to even the series after letting the Cleveland Cavaliers come back in Game 1.  Fortunately for the Celtics, the Cavs got a little cocky in Game 2.  While Cleveland does have the best player in the league in LeBron James, they sometimes play the wrong style of basketball.  They like to play a run n’ gun fast-paced game, but that really isn’t their style, and it definitely doesn’t work against a strong defensive team like the Celtics.  Last night, the Celtics played incredible D and were even up by almost 30 points in the 4th quarter.   It was as if they had the Cavs number.  With the win, the series is now tied at one game a piece… headed to Boston.  If the Cavs don’t make a serious adjustment, they might receive an early exit from the playoffs.  Boston 104, Cleveland 86.

And in the second game of the evening, it was Game 1 of Phoenix Suns/San Antonio Spurs series.  The Spurs are finally the healthy team of strong veterans they organized in the off-season.  Plagued by injuries, the Spurs have been lackluster this season, but they have put it together just at the right time.  They easily upset the Mavericks in Round 1, but could they beat a red-hot Suns team?  Well, Steve Nash sure didn’t think so.  He played out of his mind, scoring 33 points with 10 assists.  Suddenly, the Suns look like they could actual play in their first championship.  The Lakers don’t look as strong as last season, and the Suns have a motivated bunch, and a deep bench — exactly what you want in the playoffs.  This should be a great series.  Phoenix 111, San Antonio 102.

Finally, the Chicago Bulls have made their first off-season move, parting ways with head coach Vinny Del Negro.  Del Negro was said to have conflict with the John Paxon, the Bulls GM.  And when there is strife between a coach and GM that is a recipe for disaster.  Unless the coach has the team in first place, usually the GM will look elsewhere for leadership. Now the question is… who will get the opportunity to coach a very talented team in the third biggest market in the NBA.  Plus, the new coach could inherit a major superstar if either Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh decide to head to Chicago.

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