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The red hot Orlando Magic hoped to continue their run against the re-emerging Boston Celtics.  They’ve won 7 in a row, and now had to take their ‘A’ game to O-Town.  And even though it was a home game for the Magic, the Celts stayed tough for the entire game, and the Magic just couldn’t find their way on top.  Orlando’s Rashard Lewis put on quite a performance, scoring 20 and grabbing 10 boards, but the Celts Paul Pierce stole the show with 27 points and 10 rebounds.  The Celtics now look like they’re returning to ‘the zone’.  Boston 90, Orlando 80.

However, some good news today for the Orlando Magic.  Their star center, Dwight Howard, who leads the league in rebounds, blocked shots, and double-doubles, received the most all-star votes of any of this season’s stars.  This includes Kobe and Lebron.  He obtained a record setting 3,150,181 votes for the all-star game.  People really like this guy, and he also puts on quite the show on all-star weekend.  Remember — last year he put on a Superman outfit (complete with cape) for the slam dunk competition.  Fans are making it known that this guy needs to be in every all-star weekend for years to come.  And to think, there was a lot of controversy as to whether the Magic should have selected Howard as the No. 1 pick.  They were on the fence between him and Emeka Okafor (now in Charlotte).  And it’s highly probably that Okafor didn’t crack much more than 10 all-star votes.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies are having a horrible season.  Not exactly a huge surprise, but their management has decided that coach Marc Ivaroni is at fault.  The team released him after the Grizz were 11-30 through the first half of the season. Their rookie center Marc Gasol said, “We don’t have an identity.   We run around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Youth can be a good thing, but we use it as an excuse.”  He’s right.  The Grizz have been hiding behind the “We’re still learning” thing for quite a while, but that can only sustain your fan base for so long.


Finally, some interesting news from Dallas.  No, not the Cowboys, but rather a Women’s High School basketball team.  The Covenant School beat Dallas Academy 100-0.  That’s insane, but it was definitely one of those ‘they didn’t stand a chance’ games.  With that said, the Covenant school were still hitting three pointers and stealing the ball even in the 4th quarter.  It was borderline cruel.  Now, The Covenant School is issuing a public apology and will seek to forfeit a future game as self-punishment.  The good news:  It seems the girls of Dallas Academy didn’t really care about the loss that much.  “They just moved on”, a mother of a player said.

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