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Last night was National Championship night in college football.  It was Oklahoma v. Florida.  Both these teams score an average of 40-50 points per game and nothing short of an offensive shootout was expected.  However, it was both teams’ defenses that shined in this low scoring affair.  The first half ended neck and neck at seven points a piece, and the second half wasn’t much different.  But in the fourth quarter, it was the Tim Tebow show (Florida’s QB).  He runs the option offense to absolute perfection, and Oklahoma’s offense just couldn’t counter.  In fact, Florida said of Oklahoma’s explosive offense, “They haven’t played OUR defense yet”.  And boy were they right.  Florida won its 2nd National Championship under head coach Irving Meyer, and discussions are starting that Tim Tebow may be in the top five college football players of all time.  He’s won two championships and has a Heisman.  Now the question is… will he come back for his senior year?

As for Oklahoma, head coach Bob Stoops has a lot of questions to answer.  His stats are absolutely amazing, as he’s taken Oklahoma to the BCS Championship Game four out of the last nine seasons.  If you could promise a college program that they would be guaranteed to play in four BCS Championships in nine years, they would take the deal right away!  However, Bob Stoops only won one of those games, and in the illustrious Oklahoma football program, that’s not necessarily good enough.  Today will not be a fun day for him.   Florida 24, Oklahoma 14.


Brett Favre has publicly stated that he needs to time to think about coming back next year.  The Jets don’t have a public opinion on the matter, and Favre doesn’t know if he wants to play another year.  In defense of Favre, the Jets don’t exactly have a Plan B.  Their back-up, Kellen Clemens, isn’t the next Brett Favre, so they might as well stick with… Brett Favre.

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