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Whoa, it was upset day in the NFL.

First up, it was the #6 seed Baltimore Ravens taking on the AFC’s #1 seed Tennessee Titans.  This was also a battle of two of the top defenses in the NFL.  The Titans got things started with an 8-yard touchdown run from rookie phenom Chris Johnson.  Then the Ravens struck back with a 48 yard touchdown pass from rookie QB Joe Flacco to Derrick Mason.  After that, it was turnover time for the Titans.  They had a great scoring opportunity from inside the Ravens 10-yard line, and their Tight End Alge Crumpler fumbled it away.  The Ravens offense was rather paltry in the second half as well, but they managed to boot two clutch field goals and eventually seal the victory and upset.  Their QB Joe Flacco becomes the first rookie to win two playoff games.  Next up for Baltimore:  Either Pittsburgh or the surging San Diego.  Baltimore 13, Tennessee 10.

The second game of the day:  The mighty Carolina Panthers against the likable underdog — the Arizona Cardinals.  The Panthers were heavily favored in this one, and all FOX broadcasters pick them to win, not even giving Arizona a chance.  Plus, Arizona didn’t win one game on the East Coast this year, as it’s difficult for West Coast teams to play that early game.  Anyway, the game started out ALL CAROLINA, with a 9-yard touchdown run from rookie Running Back Jonathan Stewart.  Arizona’s defense looked like they were going to be doormat all night.  But — that was FAR from what happened.  Arizona’s offense was in total sync, with their star wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald leading the way.  He finished the night with 166 yards and a touchdown.  But even more impressive than their offense, was their phenomenal defense.  The Cards picked off Jake Delhomme, count ’em, 5 times.  And this is a pretty fluid passing attack in Carolina.  But last night, they couldn’t do ANYTHING against Arizona.  Nothing.  Delhomme had one late passing touchdown to Steve Smith, but aside from that, he was terrible.  Arizona simply crushed them, and now await the winner of the New York/Philadelphia game.  Arizona 33, Carolina 13.

So, today it’s two more fantastic match-ups.  First up, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers playing host to the surging San Diego Chargers.  Many thought that teams like the Chargers and Cardinals shouldn’t have made the playoffs with their average records.  But, fact is, they won their divisions, and now they are proving themselves in post-season play.  Fair’s fair.  The Chargers look like a completely new team, and even though they will be with out star running back, LaDanian Tomlinson, they still have the little guy, Darren Sproles.  And…he…is…dangerous!!!  On the other hand, the Steelers defense is no joke.

Then, it’s the NY Giants v. the Philadelphia Eagles in a rivalry match-up that could go either way.  The Giants are favored, but the Eagles have been soaring lately.  Ever since Donovan McNabb was benched in that OT game v. Cincinnati, he has been ON FIRE.  He truly gets motivated by doubt.  When fans boo him, he gets better.  Coach benches him, he goes out there and proves him wrong.  And if the Eagles do upset the Giants, then the Arizona Cardinals, yes THE Arizona Cardinals will host the NFC Championship.  That’s just crazy.

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