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Some bad news for Milwaukee Bucks fans.  The Bucks are currently the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference right now, but, unfortunately, they lost their star player Michael Redd for the year.  The Olympic gold medalist tore his ACL AND MCL in a home game against the Sacramento Kings.  The Bucks will sorely miss Redd.  However, Milwaukee head coach Scott Skiles said that the team has won over half of its games without its two star players.  (The other being Richard Jefferson).  Speaking of which, Jefferson will now have to take on the team’s alpha role, set the tone for the team, and hopefully get them in the playoffs.

There were two fantastic match-ups in the NBA today — a doubleheader on ABC.  The first game pitted the always dangerous Dallas Mavericks against the red-hot Boston Celtics.  The Celts have won seven straight since their recent slide.  In other words… they’ve got their grove back.  And because of its return, the Mavs didn’t stand a chance. Three players on the Celts scored 23 points (Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and, um, Eddie House).  Actually, House hit seven 3-pointers on the day, and was launching up prayers in the 4th quarter trying to break the NBA record of 12 (held by Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall).  Boston 124, Dallas 100.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the day’s marquee match-up was the #1 team in the Western Conference, the Lakers, taking on the #2 team, the Spurs.  The Spurs beat the Lakers by one point earlier this season, in a contest dubbed, “The best game of the season”.  Now… it was time for Kobe and the Lakers to play host to Duncan and the Spurs.  Duncan had a mild game with 15 points, and the rest of the Spurs followed suit with a sub-par performance.  Folks… this game was all Lakers.  Kobe led the way (even with an injured finger) with 22 points, but the Lakers also had four other players putting up double digits.  The Lakers are on a tear now, and their rematch with the Celtics (who are now on an eight game winning streak) is looming.  LA Lakers 99, San Antonio 85.

Finally, the story of the girls High School basketball team that shamefully beat another team 100-0… continues.  Even though the school website had issued a statement apologizing for the result of the game, the actual head coach of the winning team did NOT apologize.  He said, “Our team played with honor and integrity.  We played the game as it was meant to be played”.  Well… the administrators didn’t like that, and the head coach was dismissed by the school.  And he probably never thought his small Texas Girls basketball team would be making National headlines this year.

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