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In the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers looked to extend their 15-game home winning streak at the Staples Center.  Their home streak is notable, because many people thought the Lakers might have won last year’s NBA Championship if they had home court advantage.  So… this season they’re determined to have that edge.   Last night, they tried to fend off the pesky New Orleans Hornets, led by the phenomenal Chris Paul.  Kobe, of course, played out of his mind putting up 39 points, and shot 6 for 7 from the three-point line.  However, it wasn’t enough, as the Hornets jelled too well.  Paul had 35 points and 15 assists, and the Hornets put an end to the Lakers’ ‘Home’-run.  New Orleans 116, Los Angeles 105.

Speaking of streaks, the Celtics started out the season 27-2, and looked like they might be one of the greatest teams ever.  And last night, they lost to the 13-22 CHARLOTTE BOBCATS??!!  Um, that’s not the mark of “one of the greatest teams ever”.  In fact, the Celts have lost five out of their last seven games, and three of those teams had losing records.  Bobcats point guard Raymond Felton put up the big show for the Cats with 25 points.  If the Celtics plan on repeating, they really better shape up.  Charlotte 114, Boston 106.


Some very interesting news out of Utah.  The undefeated Utes beat up the former #1 Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, but due to the unfair BCS rules, they won’t get a chance at the National Title Game.  Well, Utah’s attorney general feels that the BCS (and thus NCAA) is violating anti-trust laws by not giving Utah a fair shake.  His claim is there is no bowl that gives Utah’s smaller conference (Mountain West) an automatic bid to a big, high-money game.  Even though they were unbeaten, and even proved themselves against Alabama, they won’t get a shot at a big money prize.  Their school needs that funding just like anybody else, and they don’t get a fair chance at it for completely arbitrary reasons.  Hopefully his claim is explored so we can finally get a PLAYOFF!!


Finally, some publishing news, as a columnist for a Detroit newspaper has resigned after insulting Detroit Lions head coach, Rob Marinelli.  Marinelli’s son-in-law is the team’s defensive coordinator, and the columnist jokingly asked the coach if he wished his daughter had married a “better defensive coordinator”.  This heavily offended Marinelli, and led to the columnist “resigning”.  At least he’s not a humor writer.

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