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Sure, most minds aren’t on NEXT year’s NFL season, but you can bet that New England fans (coming off an 11-5 season without making the playoffs), are thrilled today.  The reports are official that their Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady, will be ready by the season opener next year.  They lost Brady to knee injury in the 2nd quarter of the first game of the season.  Even though back-up Matt Cassel had a brilliant season, and has agreed to return to a back-up roll next season, the Pats fans still want their Brady.  To them, this year’s Super Bowl is nothing but an exhibition game en route to next year.

And in a similar story, LaDainian Tomlinson, the Chargers future Hall of Fame running-back, is uncertain about his future in San Diego.  Coming into this season, Tomlinson was the hottest RB in the NFL.  Anything short of greatness would have been a disappointment.  Well, he fought a nagging toe injury, and finished well short of perfection.  Now, rumors have been flying that his time in San Diego might be up.  On his website, Tomlinson said he “wants to be a San Diego Charger”.  He started his career there, he feels a loyalty to them because they drafted him, and he wants to finish his career in So-Cal.  But, he said he knows it’s a business, and understands that the Chargers might have other plans for next season.


It was another huge night for LeBron James.  He put up his third triple-double of the season.  He had 23 points, 15 rebounds, and 11 assists.  However, believe it or not, LeBron James wasn’t the key story in the game.  No — it was his teammate, point-guard Mo Williams, who had an unbelievable night.  He put up 43 points, 11 assists, and had 8 rebounds to go with it.  This is primarily notable because the Cavs clearly have another weapon, and Mo Williams just might be the missing piece that gets LeBron and the Cavaliers an NBA title.  Cleveland 117, Sacramento 110.


Finally, in the running theme of departures, it’s possible that soccer phenom David Beckham may be done with his United States vacation.  The Los Angeles Galaxy brought in Beckham to try and create more excitement for the MLS.  Beckham didn’t put on a clinic, but he played decently.  However, there are rumors that Beckham might move on to play for Italy’s AC Milan.  He’s been on loan to them for the last two weeks, and he just might be staying.  (yes, that’s right, in soccer you can loan players to other leagues.  Imagine if the Colts loaned the Steelers Peyton Manning for the Super Bowl.  Yeah right).  Alas, soccer might be forever relegated to a niche sport in the US.

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