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Some non Super Bowl related news from the NFL.  It appears that the New York Jets have finally hired a new head coach.  Just a week ago, the Jets released their skipper Eric Mangini after he went on a losing skid to close out the season and miss the playoffs.  Now, the NY Jets calculated that they want to be a defensive team and have appointed Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan, as head coach.  For the Jets, this is a major win, as the Ravens defense was incredible this year, and now they inherit the mind behind that scheme.  And, as an added bonus, Rex Ryan is the son of the famous defensive mastermind Buddy Ryan.  Buddy created the 46 defense that the infamous 1985 Chicago Bears team used to suffocate opponents.  Now the Jets just have to figure out the whole Brett Favre thing again.

In another NFL story, Baltimore Ravens running back, Willis McGahee, will apparently be all right after the vicious hit he took in Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh.  McGahee had a helmet-to-helmet collision with the Steelers Ryan Clark.  He had to be carted off the field, and nobody knew the extent of his injury.  Now, after an MRI, doctors have concluded that Willie will make a full recovery.  McGahee said, “I blacked out. I woke up when they were taking my facemask off”.  Scary stuff, but fortunately he’ll be okay.

In even more NFL news, Arizona Cardinals star wide-receiver Anquan Boldin wanted some serious answers after he was practically pulled from the crucial minutes of the NFC Championship.  All the buzz has been about Larry Fitzgerald in the playoffs, but Anquan Boldin played a huge role in getting them there.  And if you watched the game, you saw Anquan jarring at the Cardinals offensive coordinator on TV.  Well, the conclusion to this mess is that pulling Boldin was just a formation shift — it wasn’t personal.  The package they wanted on the field just didn’t include Boldin, and Boldin thought it was an attack on him.  That wasn’t the case.  Boldin has been on a tear this season, even coming back early from a nasty facial injury.  This guy wants to win a championship bad, and you can be sure he will be a big part of the Super Bowl.


The marquee NBA game of the day:  LeBron v. Kobe, as the Cavs came to visit the Lakeshow.  Early in the game, Kobe dislocated his ring finger, and had to have it popped back into place.  Normally, this would sideline someone for the day, but Kobe KEPT PLAYING!  Amazing.  And he even did some of his incredible moves (although he did grimace a lot after each one).  LeBron did what he could to help the Cavs effort, finishing the day with 23 points, but it just wasn’t enough to contain the well-polished Lakers at home.  LA Lakers 105, Cleveland 88.

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