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Some big news out of the college football world.  After winning the Heisman trophy and reaching the National Championship game, Oklahoma Sooners QB Sam Bradford has decided to… stay in school.  This is spectacular news for the Oklahoma area, as they absolutely fell in love with this kid over the course of the season.  This practically ensures that Oklahoma will be back in the BCS Championship hunt next year.  Plus, now he and Florida’s Tim Tebow can compete to see who can win two Heisman trophies.

On the other hand, USC’s star quarterback Mark Sanchez DOES intend to enter the draft.  Where he’ll be drafted is, of course, a mystery.  But he will be one of the top QBs selected.  Teams like the Lions, Rams, and Chiefs will all be looking for a QB, so there’s a good chance he could wind up in one of those cities.  Sanchez’s family and coach Pete Carroll want him to stay, but now with Tebow and Bradford not entering the draft pool, the chances are better for Sanchez (coming off a 1-loss season) to get drafted in the first round.


Elsewhere in the college circuit, the nation’s hottest college basketball prospect, Derrick Favors, held a press conference today to publicly say where he will play.  Of course all the top schools wanted him (Duke, UNC, UCONN).  However, Favors is an Atlanta native, going to High School at South Atlanta High School. In what looked like a dramatic public ceremony, Derrick Favors revealed his choice by reaching into a plastic shopping bag and pulled out the heat with his school of choice.  And we went with… Georgia Tech, citing that he wanted to stay close to home as his reason.  This is spectacular news for Georgia Tech, who really haven’t been relevant since reaching the Finals of the NCAA tourney in 2004, led by Point Guard Jarret Jack (now a member of the Indiana Pacers).  Congrats to Georgia Tech, and condolences to N.C. State and Georgia — the other local schools heavily recruiting Mr. Favors.


Finally, some more gossip out of the NFL.  It appears that the Dallas Cowboys are seriously considering releasing all-star wide receiver Terrell Owens.  Next year is a huge year for the Cowboys as expectations will be through the roof, AND they will have a brand new, state of the art stadium to play in.  Dallas owner Jerry Jones said that locker room chemistry will be of immense value next year, and T.O., while talented as heck, isn’t exactly a big team player.  And in simpler terms, he gets mad a lot.  You don’t want that on a team that’s hoping to rule the NFL over the better part of the next 10 years.  They want to be what the Patriots were this decade.  We’ll see how this progresses.

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