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Last night, college football was in full swing.  It was Fiesta Bowl time!!  This year, it was #3 Texas v. #10 Ohio State.  Texas still feels it deserved a shot at the National Title, and Ohio State finished the season strong behind freshman phenom Terrelle Pryor — so this game was poised to be close.  And… it… was.  Ohio State had the edge early; even playing with, count ’em (2) quarterbacks, The freshman Pryor, and their QB last year Todd Boeckman.  Then Texas rallied behind their Heisman finalist QB Colt McCoy.  McCoy finished with 414 passing yards, and his biggest play came with just 16 seconds on the clock.  Trailing by four points, he hit his speedy wide receiver Quan Cosby for a 26-yard touchdown.  Don’t Mess With Texas.  Texas 24, Ohio State 21.


The new rankings came out, and for the first time in history the Pitt Panthers are ranked number one.  Over the past 10 years, the small Pitt (short for Pittsburgh) university has been relevant, making the NCAA tourney numerous times.  But, they’ve always hovered in the 10-20 rankings.  This year, at least for now, they’re #1.  The Pittsburgh sports scene looks good now.  The Steelers are making a serious Super Bowl run, the Penguins have an amazing all star in Sidney Crosby (and they made the Stanley Cup playoffs last year).  And the Pirates, well, three out of four ain’t bad.


An interesting free agent signing.  The Phillies long time consistent hitter, Pat Burrell, decided to test the market this year.  Good timing considering he finally won a World Series with them.  And which team does he choose?  The team that the Phillies BEAT in that World Series:  The Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  Burrell must have seen that those guys were CLOSE to winning, and have an incredible chance to dominate next year with their explosive young talent.  Burrell might just be the guy to give them that extra umph.


Finally, out of the NBA, a new story in the Cleveland Cavaliers/Washington Wizards rivalry.  Granted it’s lopsided right now, but these teams have history.  This time they made fun of LeBron James’ so called ‘crab dribble’.  Lebron defined it as when you take a hesitation dribble and then keep moving.  Ridiculing this, when the Wizards Caron Butler was asked what a ‘crab dribble’ is, he answered, “‘Crab dribble’ is when you, uh, travel,”.  Their other star player Antawn Jamison said, “I know what traveling is. … I think we all know what traveling is.”  Pretty witty responses, showing that even when one team is far superior, the rivalry never ends.