Palmer Host Of “The Bachelor”, Pacquiao Retires & Runs For President, LeBron Gets Vax’d, D&R Congressional Game


Former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer will return to the reality show “The Bachelor” as the new host. Palmer first appeared on the show in 2004 as one of the bachelors.


Manny Pacquiao, who won 12 world titles in his career, announced he’s retiring and will run for President in next year’s elections in the Philippines.


After months where LeBron James refused to answer questions about his vaccination status, he recently announced he is now vaccinated and ready for the season.


Wednesday night the Democrats and Republicans played against each other in the 86th Congressional Baseball game. The game raised $1.2 million for charity. There is even a Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame with 25 members and now four new members including President Biden (who wore a jersey with the #46 when he played as a Senator in the 1970s) and a posthumous spot for President George H.W. Bush. The Republicans won 13-12.


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