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Vaccine Mandates, 25% Adults Will Get Vaccine If It Means Attending An Event, Ronaldo Breaks World Record, Bishop Sycamore Craziness


A number of sports clubs are dealing with COVID vaccine mandates and Team policies. According to reports, the Washington Nationals Vice President, Bob Boone, decided to resign rather than adhere to team vaccine requirements.

And, in the NBA, fully vaccinated players and team personnel will have more privileges than those not vaccinated. For example, the fully vaccinated will not have regular COVID testing during the season, they won’t have to quarantine if they come in contact with someone who tests positive and, if the team is fully vaccinated, they will be able to leave the hotel and go to bars/restaurants/lounges when they travel.

In addition, according to local government rules, the Nets, Knicks, and Warriors will need to be vaccinated to play in home games.

As for the fans, in a recent Morning Consult Survey poll, over 25% of unvaccinated U.S. adults would get the vaccine if that means they can attend a sporting event or concert.


With his 110th goal (then shortly after his 111th) Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo broke the world record for goals scored in men’s international soccer.


There is even more to the crazy story about how ESPN got duped into televising the lopsided IMG/Bishop Sycamore high school football game.  Not only is the legitimacy of Bishop Sycamore in question (no website currently exists), but also the school is accused of bouncing checks worth $3,596 to the hotel where the team spent the night prior to the game. For more on this bizarre story, click here.

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