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Bob Uecker Honored, Justin Tucker Makes NFL History, Jets/Giants 0-3, 3-0 Teams Remaining


Eighty-seven year old announcer (and former player) Bob Uecker, who is known as “Mr. Baseball”, was honored for 50 years behind the microphone. Uecker threw out the first pitch on “Bob Uecker Day” but used a pitching machine instead of actually throwing the ball. Uecker is also known for his acting, especially his memorable stint as Harry Doyle in the move “Major League.”


Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker made history with a 66-yard field goal, the longest in NFL history, against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. The previous record of 64-yards was held by Matt Prater.

The New York teams aren’t doing so well. Both the NY Jets and the NY Giants are 0-3 for the season.

The remaining 3-0 teams are the Raiders, Broncos, Rams, Cardinals, and Panthers.


Team USA handily beat Europe in the Ryder Cup. The pod dynamic clearly worked.


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