Jazz Cut Clippers Playoff Hopes, Pierce To Retire, Toothless Thomas Big Game, Bormann Lives Dream, Oilers Belt National Anthem


The Utah Jazz/Los Angeles Clippers 1st round matchup came down to a game 7 where the Jazz simply outlasted the Clippers to take the win and head to round 2. The game marked the end of future Hall of Fame’s Paul Pierces’s basketball career. He announced earlier in the year he’d retire after the season and sign a symbolic contract with the Boston Celtics to officially retire with the team who picked him #10 overall 19 years ago. Jazz 104, Clippers 99. The Jazz will now head to California to take on the Golden State Warriors for game 1 of the second round.

With 33 points, a tooth-less Isaiah Thomas helped lead his Boston Celtics over the Washington Wizards in game 1 of round two.  In the first quarter of the game, Thomas hit the Celtics’ Otto Porter Jr’s elbow and his tooth came flying out. Thomas took it in stride and continued to play. With everything else Thomas has had to deal with over the past week, a flying tooth was nothing. Thomas insisted he’ll get his tooth fixed soon, but his teammates wanted him to keep the “tough” look through the playoffs. Celtics 123, Wizards 111.


Catcher John Bormann lived the dream on Sunday when he woke up as a Single A Bradenton Marauder then got called up to the Majors and had to drive across the state of Florida to make his major league debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates (who were playing the Miami Marlins). When he heard the news, he admitted he thought it was a joke. He said, “I’m thinking, ‘Maybe he misspoke. Maybe I’m going to Altoona. But he said, ‘No, we’re serious. You’re going to Miami.'” Bormann struck out as a pinch-hitter in the game, but at least he got to debut in the big leagues.


My favorite moment in sports on Sunday came during the Edmonton Oilers/Anaheim Ducks Semifinal Game 3 when Canadian country singer Brett Kissel prepared to sing the US National Anthem but then realized the mic wasn’t working. He held the microphone in the air and the Oiler fans belted out the Star Spangled Banner.

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